What We Do

Our customers come to us for a variety of their pest issues of which include: wildlife trapping/removal, pest removal, pest control and prevention, pest elimination, rodent control, and more.

If you've done all you can do, don't continue to let the problem fester -- contact Waunzy Pest Control for your pest related needs.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control

Whether you are looking to prevent or control pests in your home, yard or business -- the pest exterminators here at Waunzy Pest Control can help. Our dedicated staff will come out, examine your needs, provide you with a solution and quote at no charge.


Bird Control

Nuisance birds, especially pigeons, can spread diseases and parasites to humans and don’t belong in or on our homes or businesses.

rodent control

Rodent Control

Rats and mice are well known as carriers of parasites and diseases. The health risks they present to people are well documented.

bed bug control

Bed Bug Control

If uncontrolled, Bed Bugs will rapidly multiply from just one impregnated female to hundreds of individuals, in just a few weeks!

Next Steps...

When it comes to pests, we know right off we don't want to share our homes, businesses or gardens with them. By scheduling routine home pest control services, you'll save yourself the worry.