About Us

Our Approach

Finding a pest control company can almost sometimes feel literally like finding a needle in a haystack. Either there are too few or too many. In addition, their are issues with some answering calls, let alone showing up for the job. This is what make's us so successful.

When you connect with Waunzy Pest Control about your project, we've done all that work. Our exterminator pro's pay to receive you're lead. Which of course means, they want your work! But this is not even the best part. Each exterminator recommendation has been thoroughly checked, and continues to be while they are partnered with us. Choose from up to four Top Rated recommendations!

Our Story

After working in the field for years, then running our own company -- we came up with a system for both the Exterminator and the Home or Business Owner. We began by just providing vast amounts of information for both, but as we progressed, we also began to connect both to each other. While up to four exterminators can bid one job at once -- this allows the homeowner to get a fair price or the first that calls! However, for the homeowner -- the exterminators definitely want their job and are willing to pay for the lead, and for the contractor they get a potential job without any time-consuming advertisement that may or may not work.

Ready For Pest Control Service?

Our professional pest control experts are on standby. Whether you're calling for pricing or ready to schedule an evaluation, please call  1-855-464-8827