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Pest Control Services

When you need to connect with a pest control company who is: available, affordable, professional, experienced, reliable and honest -- look no further than Waunzy Pest Control. Why? Because we know who you need without asking, and that's who we will connect you with. Compare up to four pest control companies, who all are Top Rated.

Home & Commercial Pest Control

Waunzy Pest Control is your #1 source to home pest control and commercial pest control. Whether you've got an ant infestation, termite infestation, bed bugs, ants, bees or roaches -- we've got your back. Our goal is to connect you to top rated pest control experts who can safely remove wildlife or exterminate the bugs, spiders or rodents as needed, safely.

Our home pest control service professionals may also provide safe removal of wildlife and honeybees. For a complete list of pest extermination services, please see our services page.

Rodent Control

Rodents like mice and rats are not welcome house guests, we get it. There is nothing like seeing a mouse run across the floor that will will make you screech so loud! Let's not even get into the fact that rodents can transfer diseases.

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Bed Bug Control

Simply, gross. Bed bugs are not known to transfer diseases, however the thought of bed bugs anywhere near the bed can give you the creeps in addition to a major case of bumps and itchiness.

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Termite Treatment

Termites will take over any wooden structure they can find. When it comes to the structural security of your home, we know, it's no joke. Waunzy Pest Control will work with you to get rid of termites now and prevent them in the future as well!

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When it comes to pests, we know right off we don't want to share our homes, businesses or gardens with them. By scheduling routine home pest control services, you'll save yourself the worry.